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Consulting Services in Maine

First Atlantic HealthCare

With more than 30 years in the business and direct ownership and management of 17 Maine senior care communities, First Atlantic HealthCare offers unrivaled expertise in the Maine Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living arena. Let us help you improve your operations. Call us at (207) 874-2700.

Quality Assurance Performance

Get your Quality Assurance Performance Improvement ON!

The Affordable Care Act mandates that providers have Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs in place one year after the final rule… but really, why should quality improvement wait?

First Atlantic Healthcare has proven QAPI strategies that will improve your facility experience for guests. Customer and staff satisfaction will improve with QAPI done right.

Using outcome data to measure quality, Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs) are initiated where outcomes are below standards. What data should you measure and how? We have the answers.

Call us at (207) 874 2700 today for more information to help you with your QAPI planning.

  • Clinical Dashboard Reports
  • CMS quality indicators
  • STAR rating
  • Safety measures
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
Simple Billing

Billing Made Easy

Is there anything more important than your revenue cycle management?

Bootstrapping to make payroll is no fun! Maximizing cash flow is critical for owners.

Getting the right information into the complex billing forms, following up with third party payers, appealing denied claims, performing triple checks for Medicare claims before they go to the intermediary, all these issues cause problems and we haven’t even started with the complex issues of cost of care, rep payee and asset transfers. We can help.

We analyze business office operations and help with training, system improvement and policy implementation under a consulting engagement. Or, we handle all billing aspects under a management agreement.

When your business needs more cash, less hassel and fewer lost dollars to a system that tries to keep what is rightfully yours, call us at (207) 874-2700.

We make a difference for clients.

Recently we collected $200,000 within six months of starting our engagement. For the same client we uncovered a billing problem worth tens of thousands of dollars annually that would have continued forever if our experts had not improved our client’s staff knowledge. Those six month results, which our lawyer tells us we can’t promise every time, paid our service fee for over five years!

Consulting to Improve Operations

Consulting To Improve Operations

Your cost platform getting ahead of your revenue production?

We compare costs with industry standards, look at how you’re doing things now and if available, recommend¬† more profitable and efficient ways to serve your customers.

How many Rns, are med techs an option, what about peak staffing and are your pharmacy costs in line?

We know the answers but we also offer on-site visits to our facilities that provide your key leadership an opportunity to see first hand how we do the things we recommend. As appropriate, we arrange executive mentoring to see that recommendations become your reality.

Do you have an accountability reporting system, that provides monthly expense variance comparison to plan? What is your strategy to enhance market share? Is the business as profitable as it could be?

  • Occupancy growth
  • Cash flow maximization
  • Turnaround consulting
    • Distressed property consulting
    • Lender negotiations
  • Budgeting
    • Annual operating plan preparation
    • Capital expenditure plan
  • Lender relations
    • Original issue initiation
    • Refinancing
    • Financial evaluation
    • Processing coordination
    • Ongoing covenant management
  • Receiver appointment
  • Valuation analysis

Call us at (207) 874 2700, we can make a difference.